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We spread the word and help Conservative constitutionalist candidates to get elected across the United States.

Revive: America has partnered with American Cleanup to help with restoring neglected cities all across the United States.

Revive America hosts numerous events with other conservative groups across the United States in an effort to network, motivate, and promote conservative values.

Many people are uninformed when it comes to our rights, the constitution, and politics in general. Revive America hosts seminars and events designed to educate, inform and empower our communities. Informed people make informed decisions!

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The Revive: America movement began in November 2020. We realize that there are many areas of the United States that have been run into the ground after decades of Democratic leadership.

We can never succeed with the people divided. Join us and get connected with other Pro-America groups across the country. The time for us to take our country back is now! Let’s make things happen for the people, not the government!

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If 2020 taught us anything it’s taught us that we have a lot to lose as well as a lot to gain! This more than just politics…. This is a movement!

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“Our electoral process was not designed to benefit the silver spoon suit, and tie guy. Our constitution designed our political process to work on behalf of the common man, not the political elite. The people have been silent for too long.  No more misrepresentation, no more politics over people. From here on out,  WE THE PEOPLE call the shots.”

Billy Prempeh

Revive: America – Founder