An Injustice Against One Is An Injustice Against Us All.

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Inspire The Next Generation

The stakes have never been higher for America. Especially for the younger generation. The youth of our nation will inherit an America very different from our own. It is our duty to educate, motivate, and inspire the next generation of leadership for the conservative movement in America.

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Unifying Conservative Groups

One thing is for certain, the conservative movement knows what is at stake if we don’t work together to save our nation. Revive: America is dedicated to uniting all conservatives across the country to come together under a common goal. Join the movement today!

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Revive Our Republic

Our country needs you now more than ever! We cannot leave our future in the hands of suit and tie politicians working for their own personal interests. All hope is not lost. The 2020 election has shown us just how close we are to losing our republic. Now we must come together and restore glory to our nation and Revive our Republic!

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Some Groups We’ve Worked With

Revive America is currently Opperating in NJ with Plans to expand accross the United States

“If we lose our constitution, one day our children will ask us what we did to protect America when we had the chance.

I can tell my children with full faith; that to the best of my ability I moved heaven and Earth to protect it, and there were many great men and women that stood by my side to defend it.

My question to the reader is, what will you do?”

Billy Prempeh

Revive: America – Founder

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Let’s Make Things Happen!

The Revive: America movement began in November 2020. We realize that there are many areas of the United States that have been run into the ground after decades of Democratic leadership.

We can never succeed with the people divided. Join us and get connected with other Pro-America groups across the country. The time for us to take our country back is now! Let’s make things happen for the people, not the government!

Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when it deserves it.”

― Mark Twain

American Author